Denabear Time

Join me on #MyMentalIllnessJourney where I’m #KillingPTSDErryDay from the effects of Childhood Neglect, Molestation, Rape, Sexual Assault During Military Service, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Constant Anxiety, Deep Depression with my #420GoodVibesforVets, #CocoaBeachKetoQueenness my awesome man the #CocoaBeachNativeChiroBoy constantly by my side, and a deep seeding unwillingness to give up!

If you follow my Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter for that matter, you might have noticed some videos of me convulsing and twitching everywhere. There actually videos of me working out to a BeachBody program called Cize! Sped up at warp speed so that I can post them. I’m not new to BeachBody. I did …

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